About Bombay Outdoors

So who and what is Bombay Outdoors and how is it related to the Bombay Company and Arden Companies?

Arden Companies

Arden Companies is our owning company. As a whole, we’re one of America’s leading manufacturers and marketers of outdoor products that are On-Time, Complete, and Correct. We are driven by integrity, focused on quality, and known for service. We strive daily to inspire a sense of well-being through connectivity with nature.

Bombay Outdoors

Bombay Outdoors is a division of Arden Companies. In 2012 Bombay Company (see more below) added a new business partner (that’s us!) to design products for the outdoor living. Since then, our designers and manufacturers have been busily crafting outdoor furniture and accessories to make your backyard a sophisticated, inspiring, and affordable retreat for your friends and family. Our outdoor collection will start with a limited number of pieces and expand to a full line in 2015.

Classic style, unexpected detail, global inspiration. These will be our guides in bringing you quality goods that are authentic and relevant for today’s lifestyles. We are excited to be reunited, and, to continue our journey together. Like you, we know–there’s no place like home.

Bombay Company

Bombay Company started as a mail order business out of New Orleans in 1978. For the 30 years that followed, the brand grew to be a much-loved purveyor of furnishings and gifts. The specialty retailer was perceived as a world-inspired luxury brand that offered premium quality.

To customers, Bombay was a well-traveled curator, bringing home discoveries that blended new with old, and traditional with the exotic. Buyers scouted the globe, always delivering on the promise of an unexpected treasure waiting to be found.

After 30 years of fulfilling consumers’ desires for a modern world adventure, Bombay closed its doors. But, not for long! Consumers’ quest for Bombay resulted in a purchase of the US license by Otto International in 2008. Bombay is now a licensor of home and decorative products that can be found in several retail partners across the United States.