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Janet and Emmon Scott are the editors of and lead our content team. They’re proud to work with some amazing writers and a wonderful training company. Interested in joining us? Check our our Guest Blogger program.

Bombay Outdoors Writers

Janet Scott
Editor in Chief,
Before working for Bombay Outdoors, Janet worked in advertising and marketing as well as international education. She has used her contacts from around the world to develop the storyline for the original travel stories on the site. She is very excited to be writing her own stories instead of grading student essays.

Emmon Scott
Content Editor and Webmaster,
Before becoming an editor for Bombay Outdoors, Emmon created, a website for gardening enthusiasts. Having never gardened, he soon became immersed in the field and learned from many others across the United States and the world. His passions are video, music, and photography.

Nancy Wallace
Garden Artisan for Wallace Gardens
Nancy’s been writing about Southeastern horticulture since 1992, discovering new garden challenges each year. Her firm, Wallace Gardens, creates custom container gardens & indoor terrariums, residential garden design plans, and offers full design implementation and garden renovation services. Check out Nancy’s stunning Tumblr site, or connect with her on Twitter (@SassyNancy) or her Facebook page!

Gaynor Henry
Photographer and Author
“I was born in Salford, Lancashire, UK and emigrated to Canada in 1967 with my parents and siblings,” says Gaynor. “Although I have always loved anything artistic and been a keen photographer, it was in 2009 when my husband John, and I went to the UK that my fascination really took off. For the trip he bought me a Canon Eos and I have never looked back. At 60, I wish I had discovered my knack for and love of, photography years ago. After living in Winnipeg, Canada and Chicago, Illinois (my husband’s home town), we now call Grafton, North Dakota home. When I have a camera in my hand everything stops. I don’t notice a bad knee, freezing cold weather, mosquitoes, worry about the problems of the world or anything else. I’ve recently given up carrying a purse, I just shove everything in my camera bag and go because as I tell our grandchildren, you never know what or who you will see and it’s good to have a camera handy.”

Erica Smith
Erica was born and raised on Cape Cod, where the Summers are hot and the Winters are lonely. After receiving an Orchid from her father when she was 12, she never looked back. She began growing any Orchid species she could get her hands on. Now she has an entire greenhouse dedicated solely to Orchid growing. Erica is also a blogger for numerous gardening, bonsai, and lawn care websites.

Dan Sachs
General Manager of Chicago’s Bin 36
Dan’s a restaurateur, chef, and wine expert who trained at some of the best restaurants in the world before opening his own. He enjoys relaxing outdoors with family and friends, so we love his stories on food and drink for the outdoors, from barbecues to patio parties. BIN 36 is a contemporary American wine bar, bistro, and market is in the heart of Chicago. Check out their Facebook page.

Rachel Holierhoek
Gardener and Garden Writer
Rachel lives in Ontario, Canada and is a garden blogger with incredible experience and a knack for finding clever ways to do things! She’s also “a happily married woman with four children and various cats and kittens (fosters).” She loves to read! “My favorite authors,” she says, “are George R.R. Martin, Thomas Hardy, Raymond Carver, P.D. James, Kurt Vonnegut, J.K. Rowling, and Margaret Atwood.” To see Rachel’s garden blog, head over to

Interested in becoming a contributor to If you like to write and love outdoor living — whether it’s traveling to inspiring places, having patio parties, are working in your garden — check out our Guest Blogger program!

Content Team Training Partner

Business Expertise
Emmon trains with and works on improving the site with the business gurus at ZingTrain — the business training part of the community of businesses connected with Zingerman’s legendary deli.) He’s a long-time fan. Check out their latest news on ZingTrain’s Facebook page.