Autumn Foliage, Maple Leaf

Red Maple Leaf

(Editor’s Note: Autumn foliage is a wonder of nature. And not many trees or shrubs surpass the lovely autumn color of Maples!)

When I go on autumn walks with my lovely wife, I ignore colors.

It’s not on purpose. I’m red-green colorblind, so I don’t see reds, whether I’m looking at a flower garden or fall foliage.

Until now.

Last week, I got some glasses on a 30-day trial that “cure” red-green colorblindness and an in a new world. The shades of red are spectacular — pinks, fuchsias, crimsons, burgundies, violets. I’m in awe and can’t wait for trees — especially Maples — to change color. Here’s a preview of some maple species in their autumn glory. Enjoy!

Autumn Foliage: Sugar Maple

This is a beautiful close-up of Bigtooth Maple (Acer grandidentatum) in Utah. Though not technically a Sugar Maple, it’s closely-related and often treated as a sub-species. It’s sometimes called Rocky Mountain Sugar Maple, since it’s native to Western North America, ranging from Montana south to Mexico…

The Sugar Maple is native to northeast U.S. and southeast Canada, and ranges as far as Texas and Georgia. It’s the tree that gives us maple syrup. And unfortunately, along with Norway maple and Red maple, it’s stressed out by modern world — from excessive syrup tapping to pollution. Read more about Maple Decline from Cornell University.

Here’s a beautiful Sugar Maple in New York, in a photo by Howard Roberts of the pool and landscaping company Liquidscapes. What a glorious tree!

Autumn Foliage, New York

Sugar Maple: Landscaping by Howard Roberts | Liquidscapes

Still in New York, here’s a Sugar Maple beauty in another autumn foliage shot by Howard Roberts and Liquidscapes. Thank you Howard!

Autumn Foliage, Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple: Landscaping by Howard Roberts | Liquidscapes

According to comments, there is a Sugar Maple or two mixed in with the Japanese maples in this Asian garden designed by Bayberry Nurseries in the Boston area…

Autumn Foliage, Sugar Maple Tree

Asian Garden by Bayberry Nurseries

Autumn Foliage: Amur Maple

This colorful tree is native to Asia, from Japan and Korea west to Mongolia. It’s a shorter tree with leaves that turn to bright orange and red in autumn…

Here’s an Amur Maple in the garden of a Boston home, landscaped by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design

Autumn Foliage, Amur Maple

Amur Maple: Landscaping by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

The tag for this Toronto garden by Q. Le says the tree in the middle is an Amur Maple. Some commenters say it’s a Japanese maple. Either way, it’s a lovely Asian garden with a lovely Asian maple centerpiece!

Autumn Foliage, Asian Garden

Asian Landscape by Q. Le

Autumn Foliage: Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) has leaves shaped like hands, with five, seven, or nine “fingers” and pointed tips. Some varieties have red leaves…

Autumn Foliage, Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple Leaves

And many varieties have spectacular fall color…

Autumn Foliage, Fall Colors, Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple in Autumn

Native to parts of Asia — Japan, Korea, China — Japanese maples are popular in Zen gardens and Asian gardens as well as bonsai gardening. Here they grace a Japanese garden path…

Autumn Foliage, Japanese Maple Leaves

Japanese Maple in Autumn

Here a Japanese maple adorns an Asian-style waterfall garden designed by Ami Saunders in the San Francisco area…

Autumn Foliage, Asian Garden, Zen Garden

Asian Garden by Ami Saunders, MLA

Do you have a maple in your backyard or garden that you love? Feel free to post it on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Wall!