The holidays are over, and if your family is like ours, you may be staring into crumbs at the bottom of a few empty treat tins right now. Instead of feeling sad (and sugar deprived) why not plant in the holiday tins and then use them to decorate your home? Later, you can move the plants outdoors to your backyard when the weather cooperates.

Horticulturist Nancy Wallace describes herself as a thrift shopper and antique mall-crawler — which is how she found these vintage candy tins. “Like little jewel boxes,” she says, “they date back to the 1960’s or 70’s.”

Your tins may not be vintage, but you can still use Nancy’s tips.

“I lined the tins with foil to prevent any extra moisture from damaging them (as they will rust),” she adds. “Succulents are a perfect choice for candy tins because they do not need much water, and work well in small containers. Each of these succulents is sitting in either a small plastic pot or a terra cotta pot. I remove them once a month to water, and then replace them back in the tins.”

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