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Terra Studer

Recently, we took a look at flower images of some of the new floral varieties coming out in 2014.

And while many of them are stunning, they’re not where the flower power has been for us in 2014 so far.

Just 50 days into this yearm our Facebook friends and followers have posted a stunning array of gorgeous flower images right on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page.

From across the U.S. and Canada, and from around the world — from places as away as Greece, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa — our fellow flora fans have posted everything from tropical to temperate, from subdued to stunning, from exotic to plain old everyday beautiful.

Choosing Photos of Flowers

So now, to celebrate the first fifty days of 2014 (and for many of us, the coming of spring), we’ve assembled 50 Facebook fan flower images that really struck us.

Choosing just 50 was totally subjective. There were so many great flowers, we went with our gut, trying to get a variety fo flowers and locations.

It started with the first photo of the year — Terra Studer posted her gorgeous orchid, which bloomed indoors in New Hampshire on New Year’s Day!

At almost the same time, Carol Cowher posted her incredible icy window box from Pennsylvania.

Every one of the flowers below — whether they came from California or Canada, from South Carolina or South Africa, from the United States or the United Kingdom — was posted or sent to us on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page since the start of the year.

50 Flower Images of 2014

Tip: tap the little arrow button below the slideshow, you’ll get a lightbox that lets you scroll through images at full size. And to post a comment Just tap on the “balloon” button below the images.
Thanks to all our contributors and followers! And to everyone, we hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

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That’s it! We hope you’ll visit our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page and enjoy more outdoor photos — not just flowers, but garden photos, backyard photos, animal photos, and of course travel photos from amazing places to visit around the world!

And if you’ve taken any outdoor photos you’re proud of, we hope you’ll post them right onto our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Fan Photo Page. Please don’t be shy. We’d love it!
Cheers and bouquets to you all!