(Editors note: We polled 30,000 U.S. gardeners on their favorite flowers to grow. Out of a hundred flowers, garden roses won! We asked horticulturist Nancy Wallace for her thoughts. You can also check out all Top 5 Flowers in the poll. But this story’s about the winner! Take it away, Nancy!)

Why Gardeners Love Roses

Roses are way ahead of the pack, and for good reason. There is a rose for virtually any climate and horticultural condition you can think of, except perhaps, deep shade.

When I use roses in the landscape for my clients, they have to be tough enough to handle severe humidity and soaring summer temperatures here in Georgia, Zone 7B.

Here are some of my favorite, no-fuss roses:

Garden Roses: Betty Boop

‘Betty Boop’ – Part of a modern group of roses called Floribunda (meaning “many-flowering), Betty Boop was a 1999 All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner. It’s a medium-size shrub, re-bloomer, with stunning color combinations: reddish orange to yellow.

Garden Roses: Rose Varieties, Favorite Roses, Nancy Wallace, Facebook Poll -- Betty Boop Rose

Betty Boop Rose: Photo by Wallace Gardens

Garden Roses: Blushing Knockout

‘Blushing Knockout’ – Most of us are now familiar with Knockout Roses, known for little-to-no maintenance (with the exception of dead-heading and cutting them down once a year). This is an extremely robust shrub rose, so make sure you have room for a 5′ x 5′ (and larger) rose bush. My favorite is Blushing Knockout, but I particularly like to use three different varieties of Knockout Roses in one mass planting. The lighter shades off-set the darker shades, and it’s a traffic-stopper when they are planted en masse.

Garden Roses: Rose Varieties, Favorite Roses, Nancy Wallace, Facebook Poll -- Blushing Knockout Roses

Blushing Knockout Roses: Photo by Wallace Gardens

Garden Roses: Iceberg

The “Iceberg” is a free-flowering, climbing rose (multiple award-winner) with a fabulous scent, and it can be trained to climb on a trellis structure or arbor, and it is equally effective when planted as a hedge-screen, en masse. The rose is commonly grown as a “standard” which can be maintained in a large planter. Best in full sun with plenty of air circulation.

Garden Roses: Julia Child

‘Julia Child’ is a free-flowering, heat-tolerant, medium shrub rose and AARS winner with a delicious perfume – and what a spectacular bloom!

Garden Roses: Scarlet Carpet

This is the rose I use most often in my landscape designs is this groundcover rose. It’s practically evergreen, blooms for eight months out of the year, and stays under 2-1/2 feet tall. The scarlet (red) out-performs all the other colors in this group.

Garden Roses: Rose Varieties, Favorite Roses, Nancy Wallace, Facebook Poll -- Scarlet Carpet Roses - Scarlet Carpet rose

Betty Boop Rose: Photo by Wallace Gardens


About the Author: Nancy Wallace is a Guest Author for Bombay Outdoors and a horticulturist and garden artisan. See more from Nancy on her Tumblr site, on Twitter, or her Facebook page!

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