Many of us can’t actually garden yet, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming of spring. Last year Jessica, our lead designer, came back from the Northwest Garden & Flower Show, raving about author Stephen Orr (who is also garden editor for Martha Stewart Living).

“What hit me most,” said Jessica, “was his holistic view of agriculture. How it impacts lives, our culture, our society, and brings people together. Even to the point of caring where pea gravel comes from.”

She had an autographed book in her hand of Orr’s recent book: Tomorrow’s Garden. It focuses on 14 modern gardens that, to quote’s description, are “small, visually pleasing, and responsible… scaled back and simplified without sacrificing beauty or innovative design.”

This is particularly relevant for people with small spaces in urban environments (In fact, many of the gardens he highlights are in the San Francisco Bay area). One on-line reviewer gushed, “There are so many sources of this book’s richness. One is how gentle and personal and encouraging the voice is– what a FRIEND experience Stephen Orr creates with his reader.”

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, we think you’ll enjoy the stunning photography and helpful tips that will help  make your garden an inspiring place to be.


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