Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere or a warmer place like Miami or Houston, December and the holiday season are not exactly a time when people think a lot about gardening.

So we asked one of the most artistic gardeners we know, Nancy Wallace, for any holiday or winter gardening ideas to think about.

She had quite a list, along with some great photos of things she loves to do.

Take it away, Nancy!

Amaryllis Bulbs

Don’t have time to grow your own? Pick up an amaryllis at the garden center and transplant it into a pretty pot, top off with moss and a couple of ornaments for an extraordinary hostess gift!

Amaryllis and Moss Planter – Wallace Gardens

Indoor Citrus Trees

There are a number of places where you can order citrus trees online, and have them direct shipped to the gift recipient. Also check your local garden center, as many of them carry citrus trees this time of year. They are perfect plants to grow indoors during the winter near a bright sunny window, and then moved outdoors when all danger of frost has passed.

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Indoor Citrus Planters – Wallace Gardens


Christmas ornaments are always an easy and obvious choice for a last minute gift. However, you can make any ornament really special with some ribbon and tucking it into a gift basket with other related garden items, like a packet of seeds, garden soap, etc.

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Frog Ornament – Wallace Gardens

Homemade Christmas Cupcakes

Who doesn’t want to receive a plate of homemade treats (like these Christmas tree cupcakes my daughter and I made based on a photo we saw on Pinterest).

Don’t have time to bake? Make a trip to a local bakery and choose an assortment of pretty cakes and cookies (or breads & rolls), set them on a plate with a holiday napkin, and you’re all set. Make gift-giving easy on yourself, if you don’t have time to bake!

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes – Wallace Gardens

Forcing Bulbs

Bulb Forcing: Paperwhites & Hyacinths! These are so easy! Pick up some small vintage vases at your favorite thrift shop or antique store, and fill them with water, top off with a bulb – and there you go!

These bulbs will bloom all by themselves, with only an occasional topping off with water into the vase1

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Forcing Bulbs – Wallace Gardens

Kitchen Garden Herbs

Another indoor garden idea for the winter. Pick up some herbs and plant them with cute garden markers. There are all kinds of sources for unique garden markers online. It makes a lovely and simple gift for anyone who likes to cook or garden.

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Herb Container Garden – Wallace Gardens


Make your own potpourri and put it into a pretty vessel. Use a combination of spices, rose petals, and a few natural objects like pine cones.

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Homemade Potpourri – Wallace Gardens

Have some winter gardening you’re proud of? Upload it onto our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Page. We’d love it!