Back in November we introduced you to Brooks and Alexandra. They’re the Bombay Outdoors designers whose inspirations helped create a new line of outdoor furniture and accessories integrating timeless style, unexpected details, and global inspiration with comfort and affordability.

Over the next few weeks, we’ve asked them to look into their crystal balls and share their perspectives on various 2014 outdoor décor trends.

2014 Color Trends

According to Brooks, Alex and our team, it’s time to look beyond neutrals and embrace all the colors in the rainbow.

They believe the era of listless neutrals is over, and designers are showing a love for bright and colorful accessories.

These colorful planters by Mary Oros are a good example.

Our team is seeing trends toward neon pink, shades of purple, bright orange, red and yellow. They say what took the fashion world by storm last year is now a must for outdoor furnishings, and that loud colors are on the rise, so we’ll soon see furniture pieces being presented in all colors of the rainbow – in the strongest shades possible.

“We heard that Vibrant Orchid is Pantone’s color for 2014,” says Brooks. “This doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve read that purple will be an important color used for outdoors. I know some people think purple is hard to use, but it will actually be mixed into grays to make them warmer.”

Here’s an example of what Brooks is talking about.

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Paola Lenti outdoor seating, posted by Escale Design

Incorporating color in trim is another way to go.

For all you gardeners, Brooks assures that outdoor plants will look fantastic against soft, grayed purple hues and added that “Blues and greens will also be very strong with the same grayed out hues.”

Our team believes pops of jazzy colors, peppy striped designs, and pastel-colored accessories as accents and/or contrasts will become widespread in 2014 outdoor décor.

Here’s an example of the “peppy stripes” on a modern patio in California.

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Patio by D for Design

And here’s an example in a contemporary outdoor sofa chair.

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Stripe 1-Seater Sofa sold by Viesso

Neutrals, however, still have a role to play, especially paired with strong accent colors. “As the continued idea of creating outdoor living spaces increases, we will be seeing more commonly used ‘indoor’ colors being used outdoors—meaning it won’t only be the typical brights. Neutrals and softer, and more complex textures will be used,” explains Brooks.

Notice all the textures at play in this outdoor space…

And in this patio in Wichita…

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Traditional Patio by Tiffany Farha Design

Here’s a pillow that “pops” with color.

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Asian-style pillows via

The table top with its gentle pastel blue seems infused with colors of the sky or water.

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Harmonia Living dining set sold by PatioProductions

What do you think? Are you ready to color your backyard in bright hues or do you prefer calm neutrals? Take our poll and let us know!