Last week Brooks and our design team shared the colors they think will be trending in 2014. Today they’ve returned with more predictions.

It’s about Comfort

Our team is saying that in today’s world, with life becoming so hectic, consumers are looking for coziness and relaxation.

Manufacturers are primarily focused on comfort, functionality and ergonomics. Their characteristics are simple organic forms and pure lines. Wingback and egg chairs are going to continue to be hot for the backyard.

Here’s a contemporary “love nest” wicker chair sold by (though not available at the moment) West Elm:

And here’s the same patio chair expanded into a wicker patio set.

This sofa, called the Spartan Daybed, from Neoteric Luxury, anchors this pool space in Miami.

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Miami Pool by Touzet Studio (Claudia Uribe Photography)

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Shade

One way to stay comfortable is to stay out of direct sunlight. Designers are moving beyond the standard umbrella to other shade options. Here’s one from Germany:

This personal sunshade may be easier to move than a typical patio umbrella stand.

Though this triple sunshade design isn’t available for sale at the moment (as far as we can see),  it’s another non-standard umbrella style:

Did Santa put any of the following under your tree? Here are some more outdoor decorating ideas…

Summer Must-Haves: Swings

Playful, high quality swings aren’t just for kids! Swings not only serve a function, but they also create a “WOW” factor. Today’s swing is stylish, inviting and relaxing, perfect for backyard entertaining.

Today’s swing chairs come in all the colors of the rainbow plus multiple styles, materials and shapes.

This one is made for two people…

Fire pits

The best part of camping is the campfire. With so many fire pits available now, you can have the fun of a campfire without sleeping in a tent.

This fire pit bowl is set in what appears to be very much like a Zen Garden…


Leather poufs, rattan poufs, fur poufs, and shiny poufs are popping up everywhere.

With numerous colors, shapes, material, designs and price points available, there’s a pouf that can fit everyone’s decor.

Is this not a perfect foot rest?

Materials “In The Raw”

Materials that are used in making furniture such as wood and metals will not be over polished. Teak is gaining more popularity and will often be paired with stainless steel. The combination between the warm wood and cool steel creates an attractive contrast. The picture below has shows a mix of materials, stone, wood, and metal.

This bench is truly “green.”

Bringing the Indoors Out

This trend has been going on for the last couple of years and it’s not stopping. Now there’s an emergence of fully and partially upholstered outdoor furniture along with outdoor kitchens.

Eco-Luxury patio by Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture…

An outdoor kitchen and dining space in Austin, Texas…

Eclectic is “In”

In the past, people tended to buy everything in one style, like traditional or contemporary. Now, lines have blurred and both Brooks and the rest of our team say you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match styles and materials.

Using his own home as an example, Brooks said, “We have my mom’s 1930-40’s couch that we re-upholstered in a soft tweed and tailored—vey classic– in the living room. But in the family room, we have a mid-century (1950’s) inspired sectional. These two completely different styles, make the house more eclectic. And it goes without saying that what works inside works outside as well.”

These photos below exemplify the eclectic look Brooks is talking about.

A eclectic patio with beautiful lighting in Los Angeles…

Spice it Up!

Need some more outdoor decorating ideas? Try some of these to add a touch of eclecticism to your backyard.

Here’s a use of ceramic artwork…

Here is some exotic detailing…

And some interesting fabric prints. The Asian pillow on the left is from The Pillow Studio.

The eclectic Totem pillow in the middle comes from Koko Company. And if you like New Orleans style, the blue “French Quarter” pillow on the right is from Majestic Home Goods

Interesting Outdoor Pillow Fabrics

So what do you think? Will any of these ideas be in your backyard this summer? Let us know!