It’s autumn and for many of us, a time for cleaning up backyards, not necessarily thinking about fall planters.

But for container gardening, there are exciting possibilities. Recently garden artisan Nancy Wallace discussed Pumpkins on Porches, and how she uses striking pumpkins and gourds as anchors for porch container gardens.

We’ll look at some lovely fall planters in a moment, but first, here are some fun (and/or creepy) planters and pots as Halloween gets closer…

Halloween Ceramic Planters

To get things started, here are some fall planters on that are perfect for Halloween.

This Ceramic Skull Planter by mudpuppy works for a cactus, succulent, or air plant. It measures about 5″ long and 3″ tall and wide.

The creator is Mike McDowell, who started his business in Denver in 2008 after being laid off as a web designer.

“My work is continually evolving but I do follow a few self imposed guidelines,” Mike says. “Keep it simple, include my love of plants, and make pieces I would buy myself.”

Tarantula Succulent Planters

I’ve encountered a tarantula once, while living in California, the place where this orange succulent planter comes from. It’s the work of Heather Fields Martinucci and her Etsy shop CoastalMoss.

Repurposed from a toy, this planter is larger than the skull planters above, measuring a food in length and width (and 4″ in height). It ships with the succulent and forest moss you see here.

“Water once a month,” says Heather. “The plant likes to really dry out.” She adds the indirect sunlight is best.

This is only one of many animal planters Heather creates. She also makes elephant planters, giraffe planters, hippo planters, and more!

Another Skull Planter

Here’s a subtly different take on a skull planter by Kimberly Periat, on her Etsy shop, RedwoodStoneworks.

Her skull-shaped fall planters are made of gypsum plaster and face upward, using the eye sockets as container holes. This design them makes them best-suited for so-called air plants (also known as Tillandsia or aerophytes), meaning they can essential grow in air, without soil.

These skull planters are a bit larger than the one above, measuring 8″ x 5″ x 3.5″. They also come in nearly 20 different colors, from neon orange and pink (!) to light sea foam, and (of course) black.

Simple Fall Planters

This handmade clay flower pot is hand-painted in fall colors that match the accompanying saucer, and decorated with fall flowers. I love the simple style of the painting.

It’s spray-sealed to prevent scratches or paint chipping, and would make a good home for a mum — or (indoors) an African Violet, herbs, or even ivy.

The artist is Heather Johnson, owner of the Etsy Shop Life’s A Beautiful Mess, in Dallas, Texas.

Though Heather specializes in jewelry, she has a nice collection of hand-painted clay planters, including some fun Halloween fall planters.

Going for Gold

Autumn’s a time for gorgeous foliage (see our fall maple pictures!) and also a nice time for a golden accent.

This ceramic planter is painted an autumn metallic gold. It’s the work of Sarah Constantino and displayed on her Etsy shop sewZinksi.

Sue is a self-taught artist who works from her home studio in Florida, where she makes items ranging from art tiles to mugs to a large variety of planters and vases. In particular, she has a wide variety of bird vases, beautifully hand painted.

At 5″ long, with a 2″ opening that expands inside the bird’s body, this vase is made for holding a short bouquet of flowers or a plant like the one shown here.

Turkey Time

Here’s one that caught our eye on a small orange turkey terra cotta planter that can grow small succulents.

It can also work as part of a fall tablescape, holiday table setting, or party favor.

The creator is Kimberly Periat, and her company is RedwoodStoneworks. She describes herself as a stay at home mom who creates everything from planters to stone pots at her home in California.

Fall Planters

Let’s start with the one at the top of this post, a handmade Terracotta planter that’s the work of the Etsy shop SmallTown Traditions.

According to the shop’s description: “This terracotta pot has two base coats of Old Parchment acrylic paint, and then has been sponge painted with a combination of Yellow Ochre, Country Twill and Linen Folk Art paints to render the look and feel of Old Tuscany.”


It stands 8″ tall, is 8″ wide at the top, and is sealed with three coats of polyurethane, though the shop still recommends using a plastic liner to prevent discoloration.

Personally, I love the hand-painted apples and grapes and wine bottle on the outside.

Do you have a favorite fall planter or plant? Don’t hesitate to upload a photo to our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Page!