Some people know how to make a backyard deck with a pond or pool BECOME their outdoor decor!

Backyard Deck Ideas: Deck Pond

Tom’s Deck on This Old House

I heard about Tom Hardy’s deck last year. When he decided to change things in his Georgia backyard, he wanted two things: a pond and a bigger deck. So he got them both, together.

“He enlarged the deck and put two ponds in it,” says Jennifer Taylor, of This Old House. “He used rigid plastic tubs for the ponds, setting them into “sandboxes” under the deck. The deck boards were cut to follow the edges of the tubs.”

A waterfall connects the higher tub to the lower one, which has goldfish and water lilies.

Find out more details at This Old House.

Backyard Deck ideas: Tree In a Pool

Aloe Tree Pool by AMS Landscape

Cool Pools

Now you may not want a pond in your deck, but you might still want some backyard deck ideas. To that end, I’ve scoured some of our favorite places to show you creative decks to check out.

One of the modern decks I looked at (and wish I could visit!) has a pool with an tree growing out of it. The home’s in L.A., and the designer is AMS Landscape Design Studios.

It’s an aloe tree (or tree aloe, to be precise). What a great ornamental plant! Native to South Africa, it flowers in the winter.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Tree Aloe Pool by Day

Daytime Tree Pool: AMS Landscape

Anyway, the tree’s growing on a a mini island that appears to float in the pool!

Yes, if I was invited to a patio party here, I’d go! I think a Moroccan food BBQ would be awesome! Can I request that, please?

An Infinity Pool

The aloe tree pool might be an infinity pool. The water seems to blend into the ocean, or maybe the sky.

This next one’s an an infinity pool for sure.

Backyard Deck Ideas: Infinity Pool

AMS Pool (Photo: Drew Sivgals)

Sometimes called a negative edge pool or vanishing edge pool – an infinity pool has water that seems to extend to the horizon. In this case, it’s awesome, extending to the horizon of the Pacific.

This is an AWESOME pool — also in L.A., also by AMS Landscaping. The pool flows over the edge, which is flush with the deck. So it seems to merge with the Pacific Ocean.

Outdoor Entertaining

Speaking of great decks with pools, I can see my husband and his buddies drinking beer and watching sports on the other side of this pool. (Yes, there are 5 TVs there.)

Backyard Deck Ideas: Outdoor Entertaining

AMS Landscape (Photo: Will Hare)

I’ll admit that’s not really my idea of outdoor entertainment. I’d be fine having a book club. Or better yet, just sitting with my friends, drinking wine and talking.

Either way, this luxurious outdoor living space is all entertaining with family and friends. Besides the sports bar and plasma screens, there’s a dining patio, a fireplace room, a fire pit lounge. See more at!