Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring a design to life, how a product goes from a designer’s inspiration to your patio?

Our journey began in October 2012 when we started gathering inspiration from places around the globe. Our Michigan-based Bombay Outdoors team traveled to places as diverse as Singapore, India, Spain, Germany and Thailand, gathering textiles, observing the architecture, and surroundings that would later be infused into each of the product designs. When they returned, they got to work sketching.

After the design sketches were completed, we brought the product to life by partnering with master artisans to sculpt the molds for each of the items. Our design team worked closely to make sure the hand painted finishes and every detail was what they had originally envisioned while designing.

Bombay Outdoors designing, molding planters, sculpting planters, finished lion planters

Sculpting using Molds (left) to create the Lion Planter (right)

In addition to lion planters, A whole new line of outdoor furniture and accessories blossomed that integrate timeless style, unexpected details, and global inspiration.

Bombay Outdoors designs, side table, Mermaid character table

Mermaid Side Table

Where Designs Are Now

In just eight weeks we will be offering a limited assortment of exclusive items at BombayCompany.com. Planters, Signature Character Tables, and Statuary Items will be a part of this sneak peak for 2014.

In the upcoming weeks stay tuned for sneak previews of our online products and learn what inspired them. Bombay Outdoors signifies something new, distinctive outdoor décor with classic appeal, unprecedented attention to detail and a return of the brand you have loved for years.

Bombay Outdoors designs, side table, Mermaid character table

Lion Planter Sketch

We’re still on the journey we began almost two years ago, and we’re very excited for you to join us.

Do you have a journey that inspired you or travels that influenced you outdoor space? We want to hear about it. Head on over to our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Page or Instagram and use #myjourney.

Bombay Outdoors: Journey to Your Own Backyard