Life happens.

People spill. Dogs put their muddy paws in the wrong places (at least our dogs do do), and dust and pollen settle everywhere.

If life has been happening anywhere near your patio cushions, it’s probably time to give them a cleaning, especially since so much outdoor entertaining’s been going on recently.

cleaning patio cushions, dog napping on loveseat

Cleaning Patio Cushions: For the Dogs? (Image: Emmon Scott)

We had to clean the cushion above this weekend for an Independence Day party because Connor, shown napping above (his favorite activity), had gotten it dirty. Speaking of puppies and patio furniture, here’s a photo you may enjoy…

puppy on patio chair, cleaning patio cushions

Puppies & Cleaning Patio Cushions (©Depositphotos | Image: Yarvet)

Cleaning Patio Cushions

Luckily cleaning patio cushions is one of those tasks that delivers a “big bang for a buck.” All you need is soap and water, a sponge, and, depending on how dirty they are, a little or a lot of elbow grease. Then — presto — they look brighter and more inviting.

There are a few other things to remember (no washing machines or bleach), so here’s a short video to show you exactly how to clean your patio cushions the right way.

Once you’re done and they’re dry, you and your friends and family are ready to kick back and enjoy whatever comes next!

cleaning patio cushions, garden seating

Why Cleaning Patio Cushions is Worth It! (©Depositphotos | Image: StudioBellows)