Is there anyone out there who hasn’t echoed Greta Garbo’s most famous line, “I want to be alone,” at least once?

No matter how much you enjoy entertaining and being with friends, there are simply times you need to shut out the rest of the world for a little R & R…

One way to turn a busy suburban backyard or noisy city balcony into a garden oasis is to use design and décor features that incorporate the power of nature.

Since we recently did a story on fire pit cooking, this story revolves around the other elements of earth, air, and water.

Garden Oasis: AIR

The freedom, independence, and vitality of air…

With all due respect to Bob Dylan, there are a lot more than answers blowing in the wind, specifically wind chimes and sculptures.

And, luckily, the enormous variety can suit any style and budget. Here are some of our favorites.

These aqua blue and green glass wind chimes on shimmer like water in the sunlight.

We love how the sun makes an iridescent rainbow on this large copper Horse Metal Bell, also on etsy.

The next two pieces are for those with a more contemporary style, wind chimes from a home in Washington state and a wind sculpture from a yard in North Carolina.

garden oasis, glass wind chimes

Garden Oasis: Wind Chimes in Seattle (Houzz | Le Jardinet)

wind sculpture, charlotte

Garden Oasis: Wind Sculpture in Charlotte (Houzz | Jay Sifford Garden Design)

And finally, click here for the Rising Tides garden sculpture on Etsy, featuring a blue and green stained glass earth and moon encircled by copper. It’s both a mobile and wind chime.

Garden Oasis: WATER

The Calm, Tranquility and Peace of water…

For me, nothing conjures a sense of tranquility and makes me feel like I’m in a garden oasis more than the sound of trickling water.

Of course, there are many fountains on the market, but these are the water features and fountains that caught our eye.

This very modern patio in Australia features a contemporary stone water fountain.

water feature, Perth, Australia

Garden Oasis: Water Feature in Australia (Houzz | Cultivart Landscape Design)

You’d have to have the right climate, but listening to a small waterfall continually babble is my idea of paradise.

I absolutely adore the materials and style of this African Fall Water Sculpture.

African-style water sculpture, San Francisco

Water Sculpture in San Francisco  (Houzz | Import Tile)

There is something very calming in the simplicity of this Palo Alto water feature.

Finally, this ceramic Turquoise Orb fountain available on Etsy would add a pop of color to any garden oasis.

Garden Oasis: EARTH

The stability, strength, and resiliency of earth…

We are rooted in the Earth, surrounded by wood, stone, and other animals. These outdoor décor items reflect the resiliency of this element.

As this worn wooden bench shows, all you need for a garden oasis is a place to sit and contemplate.

garden oasis, Los Angeles

Garden Oasis in Los Angeles  (Houzz | katie moss landscape design)

How can you not adore this private space? The deep blue walls, green plants and myriad of stone components look utterly relaxing.

philadelphia, patio

Philadelphia Garden Oasis  (Houzz | Groundswell Design Group)

Garden Oasis: Indoors

Although the next two pictures are from indoor spaces, they could very easily be incorporated into an outdoor area. The collection of feathers, stones, and glass have a calming effect.

indoor oasis, Australia

Indoor Oasis: Australia  (Houzz | Luci.D Interiors)

Natural things in jars…

Your turn! Show us how you’ve incorporated natural elements into your garden oasis by posting on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page.