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Although it may not officially be fall according to the calendar, we’ve definitely switched gears and downshifted from summer.

And while I’m as much into pumpkins, ghosts, and spider webs as the next person, I’m also a fan of sophisticated decorating that subtly hints at autumn without all the bells and whistles.

Don’t get me wrong– those bells and whistles are fun, but I’m saving them for later. Today, I’m highlighting autumn décor that keeps an understated profile.

Fall Decor: Outdoors

As regular readers know, I adore lavender, so it’s probably no surprise that my annual flower garden reflects a passion for purple and coordinates with my lavender plants. That being said, once cooler weather strikes, I feel myself drawn to a different color palette.

All the pictures below show autumn’s splendor, some more boldly than others. In this first picture the flowers look like dabs of brightly colored paint.

fall decor, Chicago landscaping

You don’t have to have a lot of space to capture the fall spirit. Fresh and dried flowers give this window box a bountiful fall look.

fall decor, fall window box

Fall decor looks good anywhere, as this picture from the blog Donkey and the Carrot, based in Athens, demonstrates.

fall decor, patio

Who says container gardens have to be small? This half wine barrel on Midwestliving.com holds generously sized orange-blooming Tropicanna cannas, purple fountaingrass, firebush (Hamelia patens), lantanas and zinnias.

fall decor, fall container garden

Fall Decor: Beyond Orange

Of course I want a big ‘ole orange jack-o-lantern on our porch for Halloween, but I also appreciate the charms of these pumpkins below. Minimalist and elegant, these white pumpkins and gourds are thoroughly modern.

fall decor, white pumpkin

These “black and bling” pumpkins from bhg.com are perfect for grown up autumn décor.

fall decor, pumpkin bling

If you like the sophistication of black and white, you can use Washi tape on a spray painted pumpkin for this look, found on lilluna.com.

fall decor, washi tape pumpkins

Fall Decor: More Pumpkin Ideas

Here’s another way to make your pumpkin stylish– add lace! Click here for the directions on brit.co.

fall decor, lace pumpkins

Of course, I cannot end a section on pumpkin decorating with at least a bit or orange, right? These stenciled pumpkins are a DIY project from myfullcirclelife.com. Click here to see how to make them.

fall decor, stenciling pumpkins

Have you started your fall decorating? If so, see more ideas on our Fall Favorites Pinterest board!