Independence Day is behind us, but since we’re still in a celebratory mood, we thought it would be fun to highlight outdoor global decor patio styles that reflect the rich tapestry of American diversity.

Global Decor: Asian Inspired

Americans of East Asian descent have settled all over the country with the highest numbers in California and the New York City metropolitan area. The influences of culture can be obviously traditional, like the pagodas below, or in the simplicity of the design that creates less adorned spaces that can be used for meditation.

The global decor here includes traditional roof tiles and good luck symbols on the pagodas. And, because they’re at a home in Tampa, the pagodas are anchored in concrete to withstand Gulf winds.

Global Decor: Asian Inspired - Asia - Backyard - Tampa - Pagoda Garden

Florida Pagoda Garden by Michael A. Gilkey

This outdoor space in Los Angeles County became the site of a “Neighborhood Film Festival”, with movies projected onto a screen on the garage!

The patio table at the top of this post, and the ones below, remind me of smooth stones used along the borders of Japanese rock gardens…

Global Decor: Asian Inspired - Patio Table - Riverstone - Smooth Stone - Zen Garden - Japanese Rock Garden

Patio Tables from Phillips Collection

This home in Australia has an outdoor sitting room inspired by Bali, with timber grass helping to create the privacy screens.

Global Decor: Asian Inspired - Asia - Bali - Retreat - Sydney - Australia

Bali-style Outdoor Sitting Room by ecodesign


African Inspired

The African continent is vast and consists of varied cultures, so there is quite a variety of outdoor décor that reflects their richness, from the hand-crafted textiles and decorative masks of the west and east to the patterned tiles and colored lanterns in north Africa.

In our story on rooftop gardens we saw everything from urban designs to so-called living roofs. But we didn’t see anything with the African vibe and global decor of this rooftop.

Global Decor: African Inspired - Africa - Rooftop Garden - Baltimore - Maryland

Baltimore Rooftop Deck by Kreative Ways & Solutions

The global decor here includes carefully selected antiques and custom furnishings that set the stage for tasteful casual California living.

Global Decor: African Inspired - Africa - Mediterranean - Patio - Los Angeles - California

Los Angeles Patio by Tommy Chambers Interiors

Was a scene from Casablanca filmed here? The Moroccan-style fountain and floor tile in this patio make me think about our story on a BBQ with Moroccan food!

Global Decor: African Inspired - Africa - Moroccan - Morocco - Patio - Fountain - Floor - Tiles - Tiling

Moroccan-style Patio – Photo: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

The global decor here is still Moroccan — my eye is drawn upward to the lanterns and the color they add to this indoor-outdoor in Hermosa Beach. I’m still thinking about a Moroccan BBQ!

Global Decor: African Inspired - Africa - Moroccan - Morocco - Indoor - Outdoor - Room - Lanterns - Lamps

Moroccan Indoor-Outdoor Room – Photo: Luke Gibson Photography


European Inspired

Classic European design harkins back to the Greeks and Romans with symmetrical lines, stone sculptures and botanical gardens. The feeling is traditional and elegant.

This courtyard may be in Orange County but the global decor, from fountain to vines, is Mediterranean Europe all the way. It’d fit right into our story on tablescapes!

Global Decor: European Inspired - Europe - Courtyard - Fountain - Dining Area - Outdoor Entertaining - Tiling -Tile

San Clemente Dining Garden by DMLA

The global decor here takes me north to England and back in time to the final development of medieval architecture during the Tudor period (1485–1603). The white flowering vine is wisteria.

Global Decor: European Inspired - Europe - England - Britain - English - British - Tudor - Medieval - Patio - Wisteria

Tudor-style Patio by Suzman Design

The wrought iron chairs and patio tiles help this global decor whisk us to Mediterranean Europe. The patio tiles are beautiful French limestone. See our story on maintaining patios.

Global Decor: European Inspired - Europe - Mediterranean - French - France - Patio Furniture - Wrought Iron Patio Chairs - Limestone - Patio Tiles

Mediterranean Exterior by Bliss Design Firm


Mexican Inspired

Nature is one of the biggest influences on Mexican outdoor décor. The colorful hues of earth, sky, and water are seen on decorative terracotta pieces, textiles, and mosaic tile work.

This would fit perfectly in our story on Decorating with Color! It’s at a Spanish Bungalow in San Luis Obispo, in Central California. I love the fireplace and patio chaise lounge furniture.

Global Decor: Mexican Inspired - Mexico - Spanish Bungalow - Patio - Fireplace - Patio Furniture - Chaise Lounge Chairs - Patio - Cushions

Spanish Bungalow by

This outdoor room’s in Los Cabos, at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Is that willow on top of the pergola? Check out our story on using pergola to add backyard beauty.

Global Decor: Mexican Inspired - Mexico - Baja California - Pergola - Outdoor Room - Patio Seating

Mexican Pergola Patio by Diaz De Luna Signature

Finally, global decor from San Miguel de Allende, an historic city in Central Mexico. Outdoor terraces, lush gardens, and the bold colors Carla loves. See her story on Decorating with Color!!

Global Decor: Mexican Inspired - Mexico - San Miguel de Allende - Central Mexico - Patio - Outdoor Terraces - Gardens

Casa de Cocinas by House + House Architects


Of course, just as your family may eat pizza on Fridays, tacos on Tuesday and sushi on Thursdays, your personal style may be an eclectic mix of all of the above. So let us know.

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