indoor outdoor furniture, Bali

Photo: Pieter Estersohn | 1stDibs

By now most of us are aware of the popular trend of using certain types of “indoor” furniture and fabric outdoors on patios, porches, verandas, or decks.

But what about the reverse, using indoor outdoor furniture? (i.e. using patio furniture indoors)

Well, that’s happening too, and as more people throw out the old designer rulebooks, the outdoors and the indoors are becoming one seamless space.

Why Indoor Outdoor Furniture?

What are some of the reasons for the growing indoor outdoor furniture trend? According to the financial website, cost is the primary reason followed closely by form and function.

If you want to purchase an entire living room, with a loveseat, coffee table, and chairs in a variety of materials from wicker to wrought iron, you can easily do so for less than the cost of one upholstered sofa.

Plus, July and August are typically when outdoor furniture goes on sale, so you can get even more savings if you start shopping now.

In addition to saving dollars, parents with small children can save their sanity.

Children are messy. Spending a lot of money on traditional upholstered furniture might not be the wisest use of resources since just one spill of grape juice can ruin a large amount of material (Sadly, I’m speaking from experience here).

In contrast to some of the more delicate materials of traditional indoor furniture, those designed to withstand rain, sleet, and even snow are tough. Plus outdoor cushions are very easy to clean; grape juice just wipes away.

Indoor Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Other pluses? Outdoor furniture is often lighter and easier to move than standard indoor furniture, and, best of all, once the kids are grown, you can always repurpose your “indoor outdoor furniture” by moving it onto a patio or giving it to a needy (and grateful) college student.

Here are some pictures of outdoor furniture looking quite “at home” inside.

Notice how the wicker and bright cushions in this beach style living room create a casual, comfortable atmosphere.

Rhode Island cottage, indoor outdoor furniture

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Rhode Island (Houzz | Kate Jackson Design)

Here, the mix of outdoor and indoor furniture looks hip and kid friendly.

beach house living room, indoor outdoor furniture

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Beach House (Houzz | Tara Seawright Interior Designers)

The fine detail in wrought iron patio furniture can also be used as a design element, as it is here.

indoor outdoor furniture, Atlanta

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Atlanta (Houzz | Suzanne MacCrone Rogers Designers)

This “Beach” style dining room means that even rainy days can seem like a vacation at an ocean resort.

Charleston, South Carolina, dining room

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Charleston (Houzz | Frederick + Frederick Architects)

Contemporary Indoor Outdoor Furniture

Do you prefer a more contemporary style?

Many wicker sets are now being made to reflect city vibe, as seen in this living room below.

metro living room

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Metro Living Room (Houzz | Elad Gonen)

In contrast, the living room below is quite  traditional. The wicker chair and coffee table blend nicely with the dark wood work and stone fireplace.

San Francisco Living Room

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: San Francisco (Houzz | Markay Johnson Construction)

Finally, this porch in Sydney, Australia,  exemplifies the outdoor indoor style blend.

contemporary porch, Sydney, Australia

Indoor Outdoor Furniture: Sydney (Houzz | Danny Broe Architect)

What do you think? Do you use your outdoor furniture indoors or vice versa? Post your photos on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page and let us know!