marbling fluid

Marbling Fluid Swirls

Recently we got to do something unusual at the office – PLAY.

Thanks to Jessica, one of our fabric designers, we gathered in the lunch room and tried our hands at a design trend that’s been sweeping the catwalk and a multiple elements of home décor.

I’m talking about the art of marbling, as described here in, a style blog based in Dallas.

The Marbling Trend

Of course, real marble contains fluid swirls and pools in layers of delicately muted tones and natural, irregular stripes outlining beautifully preserved minerals.

Janna Sendra marbling

Janna S. at Play

The modern marbling trend features bursts of colors and can have a retro feel. “I remember doing it as a kid in the 70’s,” Jessica laughed.

The Marbling Process

How’s it done? In simple terms, marbling is the process of floating paints on the surface of a thick cellulose solution, somewhat like oil on water. The floating paints are then swirled into patterned designs which are captured on fabric or paper.

Kristen marbling

Kristen M. Shows her Work

To make the experience hassle free in an office of 80 people, Jessica experimented with a kit from Dharma Trading Company and inks from a local art supply store. Although she’s a professional fabric designer and used to working in a variety of mediums, she wanted to make sure the project would be easy for people who may not have participated in art class since middle school.

That meant working at home for a few hours on two consecutive nights to make sure everything would run smoothly. The effort was worth it.

Joe O'Brien marbling

Joe O. Tries Marbling

The Marbling Results

As you can see from the pictures, we had a fantastic time. About 20 people participated while many more watched and encouraged artistic expression. It was a time when members of our logistics and planning teams could experiment with color and pattern, just like our designers do every day.

In the end, I think everyone agreed with Jessica, who said, “I think it was a huge success and a lot of fun. The team looks forward to making patterns out of the great artwork we all produced.”

To see examples of how marbling is trending in décor and fashion click here and here.

Elise and Julie marbling

Elise G. and Julie N. with their Results!