How do you take a journey to your own backyard?

In October 2012 we began designing our first collection for Bombay Outdoors to answer that question. The result: A new line of outdoor furniture and accessories that integrates timeless style, unexpected details, and global inspiration with comfort and affordability.

The designs are original with new materials and forms; they are also inspired by classics that have stood the test of time and the whims of fashion.

To answer the original question, we think you take a journey to your own backyard by surrounding yourself with stylish pieces that make relaxing with friends and family not only enjoyable but inspiring.

Today we are delighted to introduce you to the designers who’ve made Bombay Outdoors a reality… Brooks and Alexandra.

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Brooks, Senior Product & Textile Designer

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“It all starts with inspiration and research,” says Brooks. “You learn a lot about a particular style when you delve into its history as well as what makes it a classic.”

“I love fabrics and textiles because of their tactile and sensory nature — they give immediate gratification.”

“My inspirations for Bombay Outdoors come from varied sources, architecture, history, art, fashion, and especially nature.”

“Looking at other disciplines and areas in an indirect and abstract manner always inspires me.”

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Alexandra, Textile Designer

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“What I love about Bombay Outdoors is how curated, yet eclectic, the collection is.”

“I think that comes from how diverse the team is and how we blend our points of view.”

“My style is simple but eclectic and it comes from my travels. I always pack just the essentials so I’ll have plenty of room to bring home the treasures I find.

“I love a mix of texture, pattern, and materials: structured furniture with colorful pillows and throws, big walls with an assortment of artwork… I like the room to tell a story.”

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Check back to see what our designers are up to. They will keep you updated with outdoors trends, inspirations, DIY projects and lots of other fun stuff!