Mothers Day Ideas: Handmade Gift Ideas - Solar Garden Lights - Mason Jars

Mason Jar Solar Lights

You wouldn’t think Mother’s Day would be so difficult.

After all, it’s always on the second Sunday of May (May 12 this year). But somehow it sneaks up on me every year. Well, not this year.

I’ve vowed to make 2013 different. No more racing out to the store on Sunday before brunch for a card and a potted plant.

This year I’m thinking ahead.

Etsy Handmade Decor

Mothers Day Ideas: Handmade Gift Ideas - Recycled Garden Art - Flamingo

Recycled Backyard Flamingo

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my mom’s “crafty” gene. I can barely draw a stick figure and don’t own a glue gun. So making something myself is out of the question. That’s why I turned to Etsy.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Etsy’s a social commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.

Sellers range from full-time professional artists with teams of people to “mom and pop” operators working out of their homes.

This is for people like me (completely “uncrafty”).

I can still get a unique, handmade gift for mom. (And it’ll look better than anything I’d make myself.)

Mother’s Day Ideas

The site makes it super easy to find perfect Mother’s Day gifts, no matter what things “your” mom likes. From jewelry and scarves to pottery and sweets.

There’s quite a selection of interesting outdoor décor for a variety of tastes. The mason jar solar lights are kind of country, the flamingo is a bit more rock and roll.

The flamingo is recycled garden art, made from buttons!

Handmade Garden Stakes

My own mom’s quite a gardener, so I first looked at garden stakes. The three to the right were my favorites, but there were many more.

The black ones are in a set of 7 metallic herb garden stakes. Theyalso come in chrome or a rustic color. They’re power-coated to last. And the 7 herbs? Thyme, sage, rosemary, dill, parsley, basil, and oregano.

The handmade spoon garden stakes come in a set of 11. They’re custom. Pick your desired artwork and spoon type depending on your budget and what you want. The stakes have a protective coating.

The ceramic plant markers are handmade in California. They come in a set of 12. You can pick yours from 43 different vegetables and herbs. From Arugula to Yarrow.  (And just about any other vegetable or herb you might grow).

Mother’s Day Joke Gifts

Mothers Day Ideas: Handmade Gift Ideas - Hummingbird Bird Feeders - Bottles

Hummingbird Bird Feeders

Does your mom love a good joke? These two gifts are useful and humorous.

If she loves hummingbirds, she may like the first one. It’s a hummingbird bird feeder. It’s handmade from a recycled Don Julio bottle.

You can choose from hummingbird feeders made from all kinds bottles — from Corona to Coke!

I think they’re fun backyard decor. AND they look good for holding the nectar that’ll attract a hummingbird or two.

Mothers Day Ideas: Handmade Gift Ideas - Funny No Soliciting Welcome Sign

No Soliciting Welcome Sign

A nice way to enjoy birds and help pollinate your plants!

This no soliciting “welcome” sign might go right near the front door!

I think it’s hilarious, but it’s also well-made. The lettering is hand-painted using vinyl stencil, and the sign itself is sealed in a protective coating.

Mother’s Day Cookies

Of course, everyone’s mom deserves flowers. Who says they can’t be edible too?

These handmade treats look pretty and delicious. They’re vanilla sugar cookies that come in a gift box of 12.

Mothers Day Ideas: Handmade Gift Ideas - Mothers Day Cookies - Flowers

Mother’s Day Flower Cookies

It comes with three “Happy Mother’s Day” cookies, three dogwood blossoms, three daffodils and three dragonflies.

The baker (Zoe, from Philadelphia) can also include a short, handwritten Mother’s Day note. You just type it in when you order. Order by May 1 and your cookies will arrive fresh on or before May 11!

Of course, in the end it’s not about the gift; it’s about spending time together and appreciating your family.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want some Mother’s Day handmade flower cookies of my very own.