(Editor’s Note: The amazing carving above is by Villafane Studios. If you scroll down, you’ll see a bit more of their work, and you can see much more by visiting the Villafane Studio website! Enjoy!)

I’ve never been good at Halloween. Unlike my artistic friends, I never won any type of costume contest as a child and neither did my children until they were old enough to create their own.

Although I make delicious roasted pumpkin seeds (use real butter, sprinkle with salt and paprika, and bake at 325⁰ F until brown), my pumpkin carving skills are minimal and I’m always relieved when I don’t cut my fingers off.

Of course I like the candy part, especially peanut butter cups and tootsie rolls, but I’m careful not to buy them until the night before or else they call to me through the plastic wrap and I eat them.

The Witch House

All this being said, you can imagine that our front porch doesn’t strike fear (or glee) into the hearts of children on our street. We leave that to “The Witch House,” a neighbor who outdoes himself every year. He’s an artist during the day and he and his wife prepare for months.

He’s been Disco Witch, 60’s Witch, FrankenWitch, and many more. People drive for miles just to see what he’ll come up with. His decorations are so elaborate that they even spill into his backyard.

Then they walk around the corner to our house and are, I imagine, disappointed by a lack of creativity.

If only I’d seen some of the outdoor Halloween decor here years ago, my whole life might have been different. Maybe I would have been more adventurous; certainly our house would be scarier. However, it’s too late now. All I can do is eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and enjoy the artistry of others. I hope you do too.

Amazing Carved Pumpkins

Back in September we featured a story, Pumpkins on Porches, by Nancy Wallace, in which she used pumpkins in elegant outdoor displays for front and backyards.

These pumpkins may not be elegant but they are absolutely amazing. They were carved by Ray Villafane, probably the most famous pumpkin “artist” on the planet, and have been featured on the Food Network, CBS News, and even The White House. All of these would bring a front porch or patio to new Halloween heights. (If you’re feeling ambitious, Ray Villafane’s website shop has pumpkin carving tutorials and tool sets for sale.)

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Pumpkin Sculpting by Villafane Studios

Pumpkins for Mere Mortals

The beauty of these next pumpkins and other vegetable carvings is that they are a bit more realistic for regular people…

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Pumpkin Carvings on a Haystack

I could probably carve something close to these if someone were supervising.

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Gourd and Pumpkin Carvings

And who says pumpkins, or even gourds, are the only thing you can carve and decorate with? This Halloween eggplant display looks just fine to me!

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Eggplant Halloween Décor


Everyone needs a good scare and these next outdoor Halloween decorations are perfect. This scary idea from reminds me a bit of some skull-shaped succulent and cactus planters we wrote about. Not too gory for the littlest Trick or Treaters but creepy enough to make older children and adults pause…

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Skeleton Idea from HalloweenActivity.net

Did I mention how much I hate spiders?

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Spider Halloween Decor from HalloweenActivity.net

More Halloween Decor

This next fall patio display by EASYdesigns in Philadelphia, is a bit more subtle. But if you look closely, you can see the skulls!

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Halloween Decor by EASYdesigns

Nothing subtle about this bride. Look out Miss Havisham!

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Skeleton Bride via Houzz.com

This last décor, from Lee Goske and 2cranesdesign, is indoors, but it’s just too good to pass by.

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Halloween Display by lee goske • cranesdesign

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