outdoor lighting ideas, dining table, string lights, mood lighting, outdoor decor

L.A. Patio | Houzz

There’s something magical about sitting on your patio at night, but whether you’re having a wild salsa party or a quiet conversation, you’re going to need some light!

Here are some fun outdoor lighting ideas that are easy to incorporate into your outdoor décor.

String Lights

You can buy outdoor string lights in various designs in many places, from big box to specialty stores. I like them because they remind me of stars — day or night.

You’ll need to do a little work, like attaching wooden or metal posts, but it’s definitely a good DIY project. When you’re finished, you can have a “fairy garden,” like the picture above, or the French Courtyard style patio below.

Or, if you prefer, you can do something like this modern approach that mirrors the lines on the house.

outdoor lighting ideas, string lights, outdoor decor, patio lighting

Austin Porch | Houzz | Vivid Design Group

Of course, you don’t have to put in metal or wooden posts. These hang like Christmas lights.

Candles and Lanterns

Another great way to illuminate an outdoor space is by using candles and lanterns. Plus, during the day the candles can still be part of your outdoor décor, like the ones below.

outdoor lighting ideas, candles, dining table, tablescape, decor, veranda

Virginia Porch | Houzz | Visible Proof Architects & Designers

The Houston patio below uses an eclectic mix of lantern styles.

outdoor lighting ideas, courtyard, decor, candles, mood lighting

Houston Courtyard | Houzz | Kirkpatrick Design

Another option is to find larger lanterns and candle pillars.

outdoor lighting ideas, patio lighting, outdoor decor, candles, mood lighting

Chicago Patio | Houzz | James Martin Associates


Last but certainly not least, we have chandeliers, which come in countless sizes and styles. The one below, for example, could be considered a grouping of “string lights.

outdoor lighting ideas, patio lighting, outdoor decor, chandelier, dining table

Los Angeles Patio | Houzz | KuDa Photography

The lights nestle within the orb of this one.

outdoor lighting ideas, patio lighting, outdoor decor, chandelier, beach room

Beach Living Room | Houzz | Spinnaker Development

Finally, we come to my favorite, designed by Jary Ralston, a visual manager at Macy’s.

“For this set up my columns were poorly anchored into 2×2’s in the ground holding the pavers in and 2×2’s running from each column on the top.  I ran heavy wire from each column creating an X. Then I hung the light weight lanterns from that.”

“Since that party a wind storm blew it over and I had a much stronger metal one duplicate this same look, and was able to rework the same vines onto it.”

outdoor lighting ideas, patio lighting, outdoor decor, hanging lights, dining table

Oregon Patio Dining | Houzz | Jary Ralston

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