I’m a bit light-crazed  — constantly trying out new lighting advertised as low-energy. Sometimes my “finds” don’t work out because the light is too harsh and makes the room look like a hospital basement. However, as the technology has improved, I’ve noticed that there are not only more energy-efficient choices on the market, but we’ve also managed to lower our electric bills about 15%.

I may give the ones here a try. They’ve got an interesting pattern on the shade and look like great mood lights. They’ve got LED bulbs, meaning no mercury — unique among all bulbs I’ve seen. They’re also solar, which means I won’t pay a cent to the electric company to brighten my back porch

The solar panels are on top, and according to Gardener’s Supply, need full sun to charge. So you just hang these solar lights on a south or west facing porch and you’re good to go!

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