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Photo: Roxanna Simpson

One of the most popular photos we ran on our Facebook Page last month was posted by our fan, Roxanna, who spotted this stunning white Peacock in Florida. (Picture on right)

Now I have to admit that I didn’t even know there were white Peacocks, but I’ve since learned they are just another variety, though perhaps less common than their more colorful cousins. After seeing how many people liked and shared Roxanna’s picture, we thought it would be fun to take closer look at peacock-inspired outdoor décor, which turns out to be as varied as the peacock’s feathers.

A (Little) History

The peacock’s been part of mythology, art, and culture since the ancient Greeks, when Hera placed all 100 eyes of her beloved servant, Argus  (who had recently been beheaded) on her favorite bird, the peacock. To the Romans peacocks were a tasty treat, especially simmered with wine, fish sauce, olive oil and more.

In early Christianity, the peacock symbolized immortality; thus, many early Christian paintings and mosaics show the peacock, whose image is still sometimes used in the Easter season. This is an ancient fresco from a church in Turkey.

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Peacock Fresco: Ancient Church in Cappadocia, Turkey

Today the peacock is the national bird of India and has been protected there since 1972. It symbolizes grace, pride, and beauty and also represents the Hindu god, Indra.

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Male Indian Peacock on Display

Outdoor Peacock Décor

When we speak of peacock décor, we are speaking widely, embracing colors and patterns that remind us of peacocks as well as literal interpretations. This lanai below (designed by Laura U., Inc.) uses the bright blues and greens of a peacock’s feathers and nicely reflects the green outdoors.

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Patio by Laura U, Inc. (Image by Julie Soefer)

This vibrant patio by Change of Seasons features multi-colored stones that spread like peacock feathers out from the pool.

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Peacock Slate Patio by Change of Seasons – Gary Kernick

In the mosaic fountain below by Estate Pools & Landscapes, the peacocks are blue, while the flowers fan above them like a tail and are bright riot of color.

Here’s a closer look at the fountain…

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Peacock Fountain by Estate Pools & Landscapes

Some Peacock Decor Items

The next three items are all from First are peacock blue garden stakes by ArtePlastique, made from empty plastic bottles that are cleaned, cut, hand painted and heat hardened to mimic the look of blown glass.

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Peacock Garden Stakes by ArtePlastique

These hand painted, henna-patterned mason jar lanterns by Hand-Painted Patio Lanterns by LITdecor are inspired by Moroccan décor and can withstand outdoor conditions despite their apparent delicacy. You can either use them as table-top accessories or string them high for a flickering glow.

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Hand-Painted Patio Lanterns by LITdecor

Finally, if you prefer the look of literal peacocks, this “Windspinner” features hammered copper pipes, stained glass, vintage crystals, and, of course, peacocks.

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Peacock Wind Spinners by SGACreations

That’s a brief look at peacock décor. Keep sharing your pictures on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook Wall; you never know where they may lead!