What’s your outdoor décor style? Do you have one? As the weather heats up and people spend more time entertaining and relaxing outdoors, we thought it would be fun to spotlight some patio styles and tablescapes that caught our eye on Houzz.com and elsewhere.

While the photos below don’t include bright red plastic pails, muddy paw prints, or dirty gardening gloves, we know that in the end the best style is the one that makes you, your family and friends feel comfortable.

Perhaps one of the pictures below is a reflection of your style, but, if you’re like me, you’ll see things you like in multiple pictures.

Casual Tablescapes

Looking at these pictures makes me want to sit down with an ice-cold glass of lemonade or ice tea and take a deep breath of summer air.

Forget weeding. I just want to feel the sun and smell the flowers…

Outdoor Tablescapes: Porch Chair and Table Setting - Lemonade - Cushions

Porch Setting with Wicker Rockers by Sara Hopkins

Outdoor Tablescapes: Traditional Tablescape - Urn - Wrought Iron Patio Furniture - Tablecloth - Table Setting

Tablescape with Wrought Iron Patio Furniture by Little Red House



Global Tablescapes

Traveling is one of my passions and all of these pictures below remind me of time spent exploring foreign countries and new cities.

Why not bring a bit of the exotic to your own backyard?

Outdoor Tablescapes: Global Style - Andalusian Dining Patio - Tablescape - Candles - Lanterns

Andalusian Courtyard by Cassy Auyagi, FormLA

Outdoor Tablescapes: Global Patio Style - Asian Patio Tablescape - Asian Statue

Asian Patio Tablescape: Andrew R. Abrecht Photography

Outdoor Tablescapes: Global Style - Urban Patio - Rooftop Garden - Rooftop Gardens - Patio Tablescape

Rooftop Garden Patio: Chicago Green Design


Coastal Tablescapes

Our friends just bought a cabin up north and we can’t wait to visit. (I’m thinking of you, Karen and Karl!)

There’s something so relaxing about listening to the sound of waves lapping on the shore that I go into a vacation mode just seeing a vast body of blue…

Outdoor Tablescapes: Coastal Style - Eclectic Style - Outdoor Tablescape

Eclectic Coastal Tablescape by Dena Brody


Outdoor Tablescapes: Lake House Porch - Traditional Style - Coastal Porches

Lake House Porch by Thom Filicia


Outdoor Tablescapes: Traditional Lake Patio - Alabama - Patio Umbrellas - Deck

Alabama Lake Patio by Lauren Mikus


Formal Tablescapes

Outdoor entertaining and décor don’t have to be casual, and you can be formal with even a small number of intimate friends.

These tablescapes capture the times when hamburgers and hotdogs aren’t quite enough, when Chilled Fennel and Cucumber Soup, not chips and dip, is the perfect appetizer…

Outdoor Tablescapes: Contemporary Dining Patio - Formal Tablescape

Contemporary Dining Patio by Sroka Design


Outdoor Tablescapes: Eclectic Dining Patio - Formal Tablescape

Outdoor Tablescape by Dena Brody


Outdoor Tablescapes: Traditional Tablescape - Patio - Formal Tablescape

By Joani Stewart-Georgi – Montana Ave. Interiors

So what’s your outdoor décor style? Do you fall into one of the categories above or is your style a little of this and a little of that? Comment below and let us know!