Although some of you can enjoy entertaining and being outdoors all year round, it’s a bit harder for those of us in the Northern part of the country. But never mind that! We’ve put together ten of our favorite outdoor rooms and products to help us think spring and get rid of the winter blues!

This first one is eye candy for anyone dreaming of throwing the ultimate outdoor party (and those like me who hope to be on the guest list).

This looks like a perfect spot to read a book and listen to the birds…
Those of you in the west may be relaxing on something like this right now– lucky you!
This wall of succulants and grasses is so interesting and peaceful. I can imagine looking at it like ocean waves.
This garden path reminds me at my grandmother’s house. Looking at it, I can almost taste her homemade cherry pie.
Now, here are some inspiring home decor products that make us think of spring as well.
Imagine roasting marshmallows on these!
Sitting here on a warm summer day would be a treat!
Gazing at the sea from this would make me feel like a princess.
I suppose grown-ups can’t have all the fun. If I were young, this is where I’d want to be in the summer.
So– have your winter blues melted away? I know just the thought of sunshine and being outdoors has made me feel a lot better!