What do you get when you combine classic style and unexpected details with a healthy dose of fun? Different sides of the same Bombay Outdoors coin, that’s what!

Francesca and Tobias, our best-selling character tables, are perfect demonstrations. Both original designs are part of our signature Bombay® Outdoors Character Table Collection but each reflects a different part of the Bombay Outdoors brand.

Sporting a snazzy red, button-down shirt and casual blue shorts, Tobias looks relaxed, comfortable, and ready to join in a game with the rest of the family or guests just as soon as he’s done passing the food and drinks.

Made of durable and UV-resistant materials, Tobias is hand-painted in bright, primary colors that pop, which make him a useful and fun piece of décor to add to your outdoor entertaining space.

Francesca is ready to lend a hand!

Francesca is ready to lend a hand!

His counterpart, Francesca, is his sophisticated aquatic companion. Also composed of long lasting and UV resistant materials, her hand-painted, copper patina finish makes her a mermaid straight out of old legends. Like Tobias, her detailing is exquisite, from the soft waves in her shoulder-length hair to each of the scales, which layer delicately and shine brilliantly in the sun.

Francesca’s appeal lies in her classically stylish elegance and sophistication; she may not join in any games, but she’s definitely ready for an elegant soiree!

Both Tobias and Francesca are now available at Kohls.com and eager to “lend a hand” in any outdoor area.