“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.”― Trisha McCagh

Animal décor plus wrought iron can add up to quite a “wow” factor on your back deck or patio. Here at Bombay Outdoors, we pay a lot of attention to patio furniture — so the wrought iron animals on the bench above caught my eye. (I found it at PatioFurnitureBuy.com.) And it got me looking further…

Although these wrought iron animals pieces run the gamut of different styles, they’re all recent favorites.

Wrought Iron Animals: Gates

Gates have a long history as a form of wrought iron décor. Our London fans can admire the wrought gates at London’s Westminster Abbey — they’re 800 years old.

I’m not sure how old this gate with the dog and rooster. Its weathered look makes me think perhaps 100 years. It’s in the Alentejo countryside of Portugal — a wine and cheese-making region about 3 hours north of Lisbon.

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Wrought Iron Gate - Portugal - Rooster - Dog

Wrought Iron Animals: Gate in Alentejo, Portugal

We found this “four horses” gate on EstateGates.com — a site run by Schulte Studios, which designs and makes metal gates, railings, and sculptures. They work in wrought iron, as well as aluminum and stainless steel.

This “Four Horses” gate, located about a half-hour drive west of Chicago, won a silver medal from the National Ornamental & Mescellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA).

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Wrought Iron Gate - Horses

Wrought Iron Animals:  Four Horses Gate

Wrought Iron Animals: Planters

I haven’t seen many wrought iron planters. Terra Cotta, resin, plastic, ceramic, and concrete are go-to materials for most outdoor planters. Wrought iron rusts. It’s also heavier — not something many gardeners want.

This Scottie planter solves those problems. It’s got a “wrought” look, but it’s made of resin, so it’s lighter and won’t rust.

Is there a more popular dog than the Scottish Terrier (or Scottie)? After all, what other dog is a piece in Monopoly? It was just a matter of time before there was a Scottie planter!

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Garden Planter - Scottie - Scottish Terrier

Garden Planter: Scottish Terrier

This wrought iron cow planter is really just to admire. The website we found it on (Alibaba.com) apparently sells only in bulk to retailers. That said, it’s fun to look at it. The website says it is powder-coated wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Garden Planter - Wrought Iron Cow - Cow Planter

Wrought Iron Animals: Cow Planter

Wrought Iron Animals: Garden Décor

Lots of people use garden stakes (or plant markers) to identify what they’ve planted. These stakes sold on Etsy are more like garden art. Just beautiful ornamentals and available for sale on Etsy.com — a place where lots of artisans and crafty people sell their work.

These butterfly garden stakes are hand-forged in Seattle by Scott Szloch…

Here’s some outdoor décor to make you smile. This pig and cow are both 100% wrought iron, according to their online home at HomElement.com. They sell as a two-piece set for $69, with free shipping (according to the ordering page).

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Garden Art - Wrought Iron - Pig and Cow

Wrought Iron Garden Art: Pig and Cow Set

Wrought Iron Animals: Function Plus Charm

This next piece isn’t just a lovely sculpture of a deer or antelope. At first I thought it was also a bird bath or bird feeder. But this is smaller than it might seem in the photo, only 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. So the bowl is actually meant as a candle holder. Perfect for a tea light candle.

These bird baths, made by Kathleen Hunt in Indiana and sold on Etsy, are actually cast iron rather than wrought. They’re also hand-painted, in this case a peach color. Definitely a shabby cottage chic style!

Wrought Iron Animals: Animal Outdoor Décor - Cast Iron - Bird Bath - Bird Feeder

Cast Iron Bird Baths

What’s your favorite piece of outdoor décor? Comment and let us know!