Come on, admit it. On Halloween when you see kids racing around in their costumes grinning from ear to ear and talking a mile a minute on a sugar high, you feel a little envious. Why should they have all the fun?

Well, I’m here to tell you that we can have fun too, and I’ve got lots of adult Halloween party ideas to prove it.

They don’t even require you to eat gobs of candy (though that can be enjoyable) or dress up in anything too embarrassing.

In fact, there are plenty of Halloween party recipes that are not only delicious but somewhat sophisticated and costumes that are clever without being time consuming.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Costumes

Some people absolutely love the dress-up aspect of Halloween. I know many who start planning and/or sewing in early September and create original and ingenious masterpieces.

I’m not one of them.

If you’re like me, then you probably start thinking about your costume about one week before. Then, when you get to the store, you realize you wouldn’t even want your 20 something daughter to be seen in the costumes that are left.

Not to fear! I’ve found some links that make dressing up as easy as getting a plastic shovel and wearing a lot of gold jewelry (you’re a gold digger, get it?)

adult halloween party ideas, orange shovel

Just Add Jewelry!  (Photo: ©DepositPhotos | kosmos111)

For easy adult Halloween costume ideas from click here. Also, take a look at these 17 “cheap and easy” costume ideas from Finally, has lots of ideas for quick and easy adult costume ideas here and here.

Don’t forget the decorations! We’ve already run a story on sophisticated autumn decorations, so click here for the ideas and you’re ready for the food!

Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Appetizers

Some of these appetizers and side dishes look like they specifically belong at a Halloween party; others can be served at any time during the autumn.

The Tea Marbled Eggs with Soy Balsamic Mayonnaise from look interesting and beautiful– in a creepy way. 100% of the reviewers said they’d make them again, so they’re obviously delicious too.

adult halloween party ideas, marbled eggs

Eerie Eggs  (Photo: ©DepositPhotos |

For something super easy, try the Prosciutto-Wrapped Grissini (bread sticks), which look like skinny red fingers from a distance. Don’t forget to put some mustard on the side!

Nothing says “Halloween” like the color orange, so if you’re looking for a subtle reminder of the holiday, this Spicy Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup from is perfect. However, if you decide to throw caution to the wind, why not try Green Gruel with Eyeballs, broccoli soup with hardboiled egg and olive that stare up at you from the bowl?

These Caviar Moons take a classic– caviar and sour cream or creme fraiche and give them a slight Halloween spin. Yum!

Another dish that fits the theme is Japanese Worms in Dirt (Hijiki Salad), originally from Food & Wine magazine. Mixing Japanese seaweed with fried tofu and tossing with sesame oil dressing makes a salad that just happens to look like worms in a freshly dug grave. What could be better for Halloween?

Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Entrees

All these main dishes fit the Halloween theme and a subtle presentation isn’t a concern.

First up? Grilled Beef Ribs with Smoky-Sweet Barbecue Sauce, originally in Food & Wine. If you can’t find beef back ribs, you can use baby back, but the former resemble human ribs. The recipe calls for braising them in Coca-Cola and then making the sauce, but you can also substitute your favorite if you’re short on time.

grilled beef ribs, adult halloween party ideas

Spine Chilling!  (Photo: ©DepositPhotos | annahoychuk)

Moving from human ribs to bat wings (not literally), why not try these Fried Chicken Wings with Black Bean Sauce, also originally from Food & Wine? The Sriracha gives the Chinese flavors a bit of a kick and you can’t beat how they look on a platter!

Another recipe that 100% of cooks would make again? Yummy Mummy Meatloaf. Look at it; how can you resist?

The hardest part about making Black and Orange Halloween Pasta is finding black pasta, but when you do, it’s worth the effort. Toss with butternut squash and orange bell peppers for black and orange Halloween treat.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Desserts

In this category, candy and caramel apples are always appropriate options. However, if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, here are three good choices.

What could be better than Molten Chocolate Cake with Cherries, especially since the cherries give the cakes a blood red hue? These were described as rich and delicious on and are already on my dessert list for this Halloween.

chocolate cake recipe, adult halloween party ideas

Chillin’ Chocolate  (Photo: ©DepositPhotos | chiociolla)

For a less disturbing looking dessert, you could also try these Mini Spiced Pumpkins, small spice cakes covered in an orange glaze and topped with a short piece of licorice.

Red Velvet Spider Web Cupcakes are a bit complicated to decorate but the effort is worth it. These chocolate-frosted beauties have a realistic looking web on top and contain a sweet and creamy filling loaded with tapioca pearls on the inside. Gulp.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas: Drinks

On Halloween you can’t possibly go wrong with drinks called Dark and Stormy Death Punch, Bloody Orange Cocktail, Black Devil Martini, and Vampire Punch. All look suitably creepy for a Halloween party, but you’ll need to keep young goblins and princesses away.

halloween party ideas, bloody mary cocktail

Creepy Cocktail  (Photo: ©DepositPhotos | wollertz)

Do you have any special Halloween tips and treats for us? Let us know and take at all our Fall Favorites Pinterest board.