Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in salads, stir-frys or other dishes (that’s why I grow them even in the winter).

But if you’re like me, there may be days when you have too much basil or parsley and not a lot of extra time to deal with them. What to do?

What’s Easiest? Freezing Herbs!

Adrienne at Whole New Mom believes dehydrating food saves more money than freezing or canning. But when it comes to the easiest way of preserving herbs, it’s freezing!

“There is quite a bit of information out there about freezing herbs,” she says. “Freezing in single layers, freezing chopped herbs in ice cube trays (see the photo above), and freezing herbs with oil… All of them were too much work for me… So I ended up trying something easy, doable and workable — and it worked!”

How Adrienne Freezes Herbs

Her method? Wash, pat dry, leave out overnight, and, finally, put in bags, squeezing out air.

Presto! Now you have extra fresh herbs for the next time you entertain your friends and family.

For details, check out Adrienne’s great freezing herbs story at Whole New Mom!

“Freezing Herb” Recipes for Entertaining

Okay. You did the work of freezing herbs, so how about cooking up some great recipes for friends and family? I’m fascinated by the Top 20 Herb Recipes at

At the top of this list is “The World’s Best Lasagna” by John Chandler. (I always find lasagna is a hit for family events). John uses basil leaves, fennel seeds, and parsley to make the flavor pop.

Another? Roasted Cauliflower with Fresh Herbs and Parmesan got some rave reviews at, and it looks delicious. And could it be any healthier? In addition to cauliflower and olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic, and Parmesan cheese, it calls for chopped parsley, thyme, tarragon. Yum!

If you like salmon, there’s a delicious-looking recipe for Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs at the Food Network’s website. It uses minced dill, minced parsley, and minced scallions (in addition to white wine and fresh squeezed lemon juice).

Well, there’s three! Bring your herb garden to your kitchen, even in winter, and let the “freezing herbs” entertaining begin!