My friend Cindy saw these homemade popsicles — called Sunday Brunch Cocktails on a Stick. It got me thinking about warm weather and refreshing cocktails in general.

That got me looking at’s list of the most delicious drinks for lazy summer afternoons!

The #1 Summer Cocktail?

On their Top Ten list, the 3rd-place winner is my favorite: the Mojito — a drink that likely originated in Cuba, although their appears to be some dispute about that! A key ingredient IS sugar cane juice, popular in Cuba for centuries. For me, it’s the lime juice combined that puts it over the top.

In 2nd-place is the Mai Tai. There are different recipes for this one, and it was hugely popular in the 60s and featured in Elvis Presley’s movie Blue Hawaii. (Based on rum, it’s not really my thing.)

And in 1st-place is — what else? — the Margarita. The most popular tequila-based cocktail in the U.S. It was reportedly invented by a bartender in Mexico during WWII. What can I say? Even in the dead of winter here in Detroit, we find it a great way to forget about the past week and relax, even if we’re not outdoors sitting on patio furniture.

But I digress.

Cocktail HomeMade Popsicles

I want to try these in 2013! You can read details at the food site Endless Simmer, posted by a food GENIUS named bakersroyale!

“I’ve combined a traditional Sunday brunch cocktail,” Bakersroyale says, “with an everyday, any time of the week treat: a cocktail popsicle… I used Prosecco and muddled some fresh blackberries, with a splash of lime, a bit of zest and some crème de cassis.”

Prosecco is the key ingredient in the Bellini Cocktail — one of Italy’s most popular drinks (You can get it at the Macaroni Grill). Prosecco itself is a sparkling white wine made from grapes that are grown near Venice.

Anyway, I LOVE this photo, which comes from the story at Endliss Simmer.

“Cordial glasses were used for the popsicles in the picture,” says the author, “but any form will work.”

Want the recipe?
Cocktail Homemade Popsicles at Endless Simmer!