Virtual Travel– Almost as Good as the Real Thing

Never fear: When the winter blahs and bills set in, you can still take a virtual trip with travel books!

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Nothing beats sitting around the house and curling up with a good book (ebooks count). And the best part is you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in your carry-on or dealing with TSA agents.My favorite is a series called Best American Travel Writing, which I eagerly purchase each year. (You can shop for it as a book or on an electronic reading device).
Because the editor changes annually, each edition has a slightly different worldview, depending on who’s in charge, and consists of 20 or so articles selected from magazines and websites.

Last Year’s “Best”

The 2012 editor is William T. Vollman (who’s no stranger to visiting and writing about challenging places, from war zones to an abandoned weather station at the magnetic North Pole)!

“Overall, the collection is a pleasure for the breadth of places the essays cumulatively describe,” says Grady McCallie in her review at “There’s the Antarctic, a cave in Vietnam, rural Oklahoma, Cairo, Palermo, Varanasi, Chernobyl, cities in Bulgaria, and Northern Ireland.”

Other Travel Book Options

Even though I can’t afford an actual ‘round the world ticket, I’ve fed my wanderlust vicariously. In years past, I’ve walked through the frozen tundra of Siberia, seen the jungles and insects of the Amazon, and been amazed at the party scene in Miami. The 2012 anthology is available now, but you can also go to your local library and get those from years past.

If you prefer classic travel fiction, check out the link below.

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