(Editors note: When we saw Angela Dooley’s beautiful photos and descriptions of Australia’s Mayfield Garden on our Bombay Outdoors Facebook page last month, we were enchanted. It turns out some of the photo were taken by Angela’s daughter, Hannah. Finally, we asked Angela if she’d share a few more photos so more people could see what is a very exclusive and private garden. That’s what she did! Take it away, Angela!)

This is Mayfield Garden, one of the largest privately owned cool climate gardens in the world.

It is within a 5000 acre working farm near Oberon in the Central West Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.

There are currently 160 acres of gardens created with constant change and expansion being made. Currently it is open to the public for 6 weekends a year in Spring and Autumn.

The owner, a well seasoned traveler has created gardens in English, French, Oriental and Italianate styles, with a striking background of the Australian landscape.

Australia’s Mayfield Garden

The streams which flow into a lovely still lake are flanked by bush rock, Maples, and Alpine Ground Covers. In the distance is the contrast of farmlands and mountains.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden stream

One of Mayfield’s Streams (Photo by Angela Dooley)

The arch of this waterfall is actually a bridge and quite high up, which affords spectacular views to the rest of the garden.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, waterfall

Mayfield Garden Waterfall (Photo by Angela Dooley)

The Blue Stone Chapel, set amongst the lovely gardens, is now a popular spot for weddings.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden chapel, Blue Stone Chapel

Garden Chapel (Photo by Angela Dooley)

My 13 year old daughter and I were sharing the photography. This is one of hers.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden sculpture, garden art

Garden Sculpture (Photo by Hannah Dooley)

Mayfield’s Temple Fountain

The Temple Fountain draws you inside for a respite in warmer weather.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, Temple fountain

Mayfield Temple Fountain (Photo by Hannah Dooley)

Inside the Temple Fountain, with a view down towards the residence.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, temple fountain, pillars, cascade

Mayfield Temple Fountain (Photo by Angela Dooley)

The cascade, though inviting as a water slide, would make for a bumpy ride with those terraced steps.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, fountain cascade

Mayfield Cascade (Photo: Angela Dooley)

Garden Features

The Buxus Maze with lookout, though only in its early stages, has been modeled on those found in Europe. The Australian landscape with Eucalypts in the background is an interesting contrast.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden maze, lookout

The Buxus Maze & Lookout (Photo by Hannah Dooley)

The delightful Hen Houses! They have to be some of the most spoilt birds, I would certainly not say “no” to residing in them. Complete with copper roofing and shutters.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, hen houses, henhouses

Hen Houses (Photo: Hannah Dooley)

Follow the dry stone walls and tucked away amongst Rhododenrons, Maples and Virburnums are not your average garden benches – very swish!

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden bench, park bench

Garden Bench (Photo: Angela Dooley)

Mayfield Garden Plants

Meander along the Birch Grove path which has Helleborus for as far as you can see. This is one of my favourite spots at Mayfield.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, birch grove path, woods

Birch Grove Path (Photo: Angela Dooley)

This Xanthoria Parientina (common orange lichen) covers the bark of many of the Common Medlars. It is spectacular!!

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, tree, common orange lichen

Common Orange Lichen (Photo: Angela Dooley)

The Locust Tree has the most spectacular fragrance, and the carpet of petals surrounding it made it overwhelming for the senses.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, locust tree, woods, locust flowers

Mayfield Locust Tree (Photo: Hannah Dooley)

The Rose Garden has a variety of groundcover, floribunda, grandiflora, English, species, hybrid tea, and miniature roses. Surrounding the garden is a curtain of sweetly scented climbing Crepuscule (one of my all time favourite Roses).

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, flowers, rose garden, rose bushes

Mayfield’s Rose Garden (Photo: Hannah Dooley)

Under the Pin Oaks is a velvety cool lawn with purple Aquilegia, Solomon’s Seal, and Japanese Cutleaf Maples.

Mayfield Garden, Australia attractions, garden, plants

Garden Lawn (Photo: Angela Dooley)

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