Happy Chinese New Year! Although Chinese families travel home for the holiday, you may be wondering about places to visit in China as a tourist.

I asked my Chinese co-worker, Jian Wang, about the most beautiful gardens in her native country. She said that they are mostly in Suzhou, an ancient city in southeast China. After poring over photos, we came up with a our subjective list of China’s top 5!

5. Yuyuan Garden: amazing rocks and gorges!
4. Master of the Nets Garden: I LOVE the 3-step bridge!
3. Lion Grove Garden: amazing lion-shaped rocks!
2. Lingering Garden: a central pond and grotto of granite.
1. Humble Administrator’s Garden: Jian’s favorite! Created by a retired official 500 years ago!

Which Chinese garden(s) would you visit, if you could?
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