I am so glad I came on the trip! The people here in Buenos Aires are so friendly! They don’t even laugh at me when I try to use my high school Spanish, which I know is atrocious. Even Carla can’t understand a word and she knows what I’ve been saying in English.

Kevin would love it here too. With all the meat, he would think he’d died and gone to heaven although I believe even he would start sharing some of Lisa’s vegetarian food after a while. And the tango! Oh my! We are definitely going to find a place to take tango lessons!

Buenos Aires Attractions: A Cemetery?

There are SO many things to do in Buenos Aires! My favorites so far (besides laughing with the girls) have been the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden and—total surprise– the cemetery where Evita is buried. The La Recoleta Cemetery. The three of us didn’t really want to see it, but Carla is so persuasive! She said we had to go there because Evita is her all-time favorite musical. She’s seen it FIVE times!

First we went shopping, sight seeing, and then had lunch in Palermo Chico, a very chi chi neighborhood, filled with shops, restaurants, and high end homes (I wouldn’t mind living there). Then we hopped in a cab to see what the fuss about the cemetery was about.

Now, even I have to admit that the cemetery here compares favorably with Bonaventure in Savannah, my hometown. Like Bonaventure, it is old and filled with monuments to the dead. But unlike Bonaventure it didn’t creep me out. No hags here (only a Savannah girl knows what that means!) In fact, I felt a sense of peace walking among all the monuments and tombstones. And when we finally found it, I just stood with Carla and everyone else gazing at Evita’s grave.


One thing’s for sure. Now that I’ve seen Evita’s resting place, Kevin and I are going to the musical when I get back. After walking a bit more in the cemetery, Lisa and I wanted to check out the botanical gardens. We both love gardening and being outdoors so much. Luckily the two are fairly close together and since we’ve all been eating dulce de leche every chance we get, we all decided to walk. We took turns holding Donna’s bags.

The gardens reminded me of Central Park in New York, a beautiful oasis of peace right in the middle of the city. We all found a bench and were quiet. Although I don’t know what the other girls were thinking, I was just savoring the beauty of God’s creation and thanking Him for all my blessings.

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