Donna found out Steven was cheating on her when she ran into his office unexpectedly one day and found him and Misty, his trampy secretary, in a passionate embrace. When Steven saw Donna, he turned an unusual sickly gray color. She stared at both of them and then walked out the door and went directly to the infamous Karl “The Shark,” the best divorce lawyer in the state. It didn’t take Karl long to chew Steven to a pulp, but it took Donna longer than she had thought to adjust to her new reality.

Divorce Recovery – Getting through the Pain

Luckily, Carla, Kelly, and Lisa supported her every step of the way, and she realized through the tears how extremely fortunate she was to have such good friends. By now, they all knew things about each other that only best friends share since they still met religiously for “Ladies Night” twice a month (Facebook was more frequent of course).  They had seen each other through the good and the bad as cups of coffee and pie changed to margaritas, cosmos, and dinner. However, one thing that hadn’t changed was the dream each had to travel the world and see new places.

A Dream Becomes Real

After the worst was behind her, Donna marveled at how much the friendship between all of them had grown through the years.  Even though Karl had taken a hefty bite out of Steven’s assets for himself, there was more money than she had ever imagined. (Those forensic accountants were very clever!) And to think about how Steven used to complain about her monthly shopping splurges! Donna decided what she really wanted to do with her windfall was travel around the world with her girlfriends, just as they had all dreamed about since that first cup of coffee and slice of pie. So now Donna, five-time president and chairwoman of the Better Homes and Garden tour (volunteer of the year 2003 and 2010), sat on her back porch (where she always did her best thinking) and began to plan the adventure of their lives.

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