Argentina is amazing! At first I was scared I wouldn’t find anything to eat—everyone at work told me it was steak central, but that’s not true! I’ve had empanadas with cheese and onion, delicious bread and cheese, pizza, ravioli and, of course, dulce de leche—a kind of caramel jam I can’t get enough of. Yesterday we all discovered alfajores, they’re a type of cookie that has dulce de leche layers covered in chocolate. OMG! They are AMAZING! I have to watch it or I’ll gain five pounds in just the first three days!

Tango Lessons

One of the best things to do in Buenos Aires has been taking Tango lessons! I know it’s kind of cheesy, but man, oh man the music, the moves and the men are HOT, especially when you’ve got a cute partner. Because of yoga, it wasn’t as hard for me to learn the steps as the others. I just felt the vibe and went with it.  Donna couldn’t get over the fact that the man always leads, so her instructor kept repeating “tranquila, tranquila” over and over to her until she finally gave up and followed. Feminism definitely hasn’t come to the tango studios yet!

At first Kelly was too shy to even step out onto the floor and then some guy who looked old enough to be her grandpa offered to teach her. He may have been old, but he still had it going on if you know what I mean! Carla had a blast too. Even though she explained to us that Mexico is way different from Argentina, it seemed to me that she got an extra layer of understanding because of knowing Spanish and grasping exactly what her teacher was saying. That night, to celebrate our new dancing skills, we went to La Viruta, a tango club Carla’s teacher told her about. Before braving it in front of all those Argentinians, we each had a Gancia and Sprite (well, Donna and Kelly had two), which seemed popular with the other women there. Then, one by one, we all danced. Personally, I think Kelly and her partner looked smoking hot, but afterwards she just laughed about it and pointed to some kids who were way better than we were.

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